Mirewood is a magic-infused material natively grown in the plane of Ol'Mire. Due to it’s rich maisha content it is a highly valuable resource for creating magical items and large constructions such as monuments, buildings, and ships.   The maisha within its grain makes it one of the very few natural woods to take enchantments with ease (aside from fire enchantments, which will cause it to burn). Many novice enchanters start their career by honing their craft on hand-carved amulets and statuettes made of mirewood before moving on to things like enchanted mirewood arrows and larger projects.  


Mirewood groves have only just been introduced in Melior, as maisha based flora is not native to the world and was only introduced during The Rupture just over fifty years ago. The mirewood trees have just started to reach maturity, but new generations need to be grown before the first industrial-scale felling in order to be sustainable.   The production of mirewood ships in The Isles of Orlend is expected to begin within the next twenty five years and shipwrights are negotiating with wrights of Ol’Mire to learn how to design new and improved vessels.  


There’s a huge demand for enchanters in Melior and The University of Bradstowe can’t keep up with the amount of eager folk at its doors seeking enrollment and tutoring. Many folks don’t want to study in a foreign realm, as the atmosphere of the Ol’Mire plane can cause severe Swampskin to the exposed skin of Humans and Fauns.
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10 Dec, 2020 00:34

Interesting - I really like the detail that trying to put a fire enchantment on mirewood causes it to burn. I bet the person who discovered that was disappointed. XD

13 Dec, 2020 01:06

So, it's not that you can't enchant a wooden sword with fire, it's just that it's generally not a very useful idea.

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