Adventurer Combat Wheelchair

Made with the adventurer in mind, the Combat Wheelchair is supportive and intuitive, designed for both daily activity and the pressures of combat during one's adventures.

It can be specifically tailored to its user with a variety of intuitive upgrades, designed and created by first-rate artificers and their disabled consultants to ensure high-grade comfort and excellent efficiency.

The Combat Wheelchair can withstand high impact and even work as a weapon in itself, providing the user with a means of both defense and attack.

Anyone can be an explorer...

The combat wheelchair was created by @mustangsart and is used with permission. Please support her Patreon


The Combat Wheelchair has multiple functions for the skilled adventurer and can be used in combat in lieu of a standard attack   Tyre Strike: Reach - 5ft You can strike a target with the rear wheels of the tire doing 1d6+str Modifier damage

Ram: Reach - 10ft You can charge forward and strike a small or medium-sized creature, causing 1d6+str modifier damage

Crush: (Target must be prone) You can roll your chair over a prone combatant, causing 1d8+str modifier damage

The following features are available for the Combat Wheelchair

Stable: Due to the 5th wheel of the chair, an adventurer will have better timekeeping on their feet and not falling prone to an attack... on the converse side, should a player fall prone, It takes a full round of combat to right yourself

Attuning: Due to the nature of the secret metal Sarug Cogspring invented, the Combat Wheelchair can become attuned to the owner's magical spells and potion effects. These spells will take the chair into account and affect the chair as well.


The following upgrades are available for purchase:

Agile Suspension: Using a newly invented suspension system, an Explorer can swap out the str modifier with his dexterity one, as the chair is easier to move and more agile. (Str Bonus no longer applies and is replaced with Dex bonus) Cost: 30gp

Armoured Plates: Small plates are attached to the leg sections, allowing for better protection at the cost of mobility (does not combine with Agile Suspension) Gain a -2 (2) Bonus to AC, but cannot use dexterity Modifier Cost: 50gp

Floats: Current research into making an aquatic modification is in the works... Cost: N/A.

Razor Edges: Two sharpened hoop blades are mounted on the push rims (still safe for the user!) Does 1d6 additional damage to Tyre Strike Cost 60gp

Suppression Tyres Sound suppression technology created quiet tyres for the sneaky types. +2 to stealth Cost: 25gp


Using a secret gnomish amalgam metal Sarug Cogspring designed with Drumstrig Hammerfall The Combat Wheelchair is lightweight, sturdy and highly durable.

The Explorer sometimes takes more damage than the chair...
The combat wheelchair was created by @mustangsart and is used with permission. Please support her Patreon
Parent Technologies
Sarug Cogspring created the "The Mustang" Explorer Wheelchair as the prototype and standard model.
Access & Availability
The Combat Wheelchair is a custom ordered product that a member of the Explorer's Guild must have commissioned to be created.

Due to the nature of the combat wheelchair, new guild members will be allocated a basic model, but customization and upkeep is the responsibility of the Explorer.
The Combat Wheelchair is designed for the strongest fighters, studious casters, or agile rogues... It takes a few hours of training to utilize all the features to their fullest, but a combat wheelchair is ready for delving into the dankest and darkest dungeons.
Sarug Cogspring created it to aid those who are unable to pursue their dreams due to their physical limitations, whether it's natural, unnatural, or accidental.

Equipment Repair and Replacement Costs:

Gloves: 5gp
Rear Backrest Compartment: 10gp
Seatbelt: 5sp
Rear and Caster Wheels:25gp
Additional storage and sheaths: 10gp per storage space... (maximum 3 additions)

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As a wheelchair user, this made me immensely happy to see. Well done!

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Be sure to thank the creator. I linked her work!

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