The Realm of Ard'Vanwa Those missing, are not forgotten...

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Legends speak of a realm outside of the multiverse, a place where things that go missing end up. A trinket that falls behind a chair, never to be seen again, a friend who ventures into the woods, only to never return.   Every world is filled with these tales, and blame everything from gods to hubris of mad mages   One thing that becomes certain for those people who fell victim to pure random chance, know the truth... that everything lost... is in Ard'Vanwa.
    Now, After 300 years of surviving, the inhabitants have recovered enough knowledge and materials to fashion a portal to break through the dimensional veil between realms and into unknown lands to seek help and answers.   A call goes out to the lost, displaced, and missing to venture into various realms to seek help from the learned and ancient. To find a way to break the curse placed upon anything that passes through their realm and find a way to return to their homelands.   Because, when you leave, you'll eventually find your way back.  

The Realm of Ard'Vanwa has 12 Kojinites


Ard' Vanwa

Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition

A City arose around the various portals that brought to the world all manner of things, beasts, and people.

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