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Light Therapy

Lighten the suffering and danger of the black-clawed

Light therapy is an umbrella term for treatments involving light and sunlight to ease the condition known as Tenelithropy, where the subject has parts of a Dark Entity bound to them and pose a dangerous threat to their surroundings at night.   In many cases of tenelithropy, the affected isn't even given the chance of treatment, but rather is either killed or chased out of the community due to the threat they pose to everyone around them.   However, some believe this is highly inhumane, as the person affected by the disorder is still fully themselves during day time and even at night while their body is hijacked by a dark entity. Therefore, some believe that it should be prioritised to first see if it can be treated way or subdued before the harsher measures are taken into use.  

Types of Light Therapy

Light therapy is based on the observation that the "beast" only comes out at night, and that the black stain covering the affected's fingers grows steadily as the day progresses into the evening hours.   The logical conclusion is, that the dark entity that has been bound to them, gets stronger during the night like it would if it was unbound. When it gets strong enough due to the darkness, it's able to take over the body and commandeer it around. So if this strength is diminished by the use of sunlight or Light Magic, the affected might be able to power through the dark entity's control.
Technology Type
Medical and magical treatment   Treatment for
Tenelithropy   Subtypes of Light Therapy
Light Magic Therapy
Sunlight Therapy

Condition | Jul 17, 2021

A condition that affects the infected during dark hours. Remnants of a dark entity is within them and they lose control.

Sunlight Therapy

This subtype utilizes the sun and sunlit hours of the day to try and weaken the bound dark entity. This is done by making the dark-clawed spend most of their hours outside during the day, whether doing an activity or just sitting in the sun.   A large amount of sunlight weakens the dark entity slightly, which should make it easier for the person to power through during the night and keep the dark entity from taking control.   The stronger the person is mentally, the more effective this method is, as they might already be able to power through sometimes or are very close to being able to do it.   A side effect of this is that the person often gets sunburns and that mostly works for people who aren't weak of mind.   This method is almost impossible to do during the winter in some areas of Dysvoll.

Light Magic Therapy

The light magic therapy utilizes Light Magic to either enchant the person or an object they have on them. This enchantment will emit something akin to daylight and will therefore combat the dark entity in the same way a light magic-user is able to banish them.   However, it is nearly impossible even for a skilled light magic-user to remove the entity completely, as it can be dangerous to do for the affected. The dark entity leeches off the person's life force and separation could be deadly.   Therefore, light magic therapy aims to subdue the beast fully instead of separating it from the person.   The main drawback with this type is that most people are distrustful of magic and therefore this isn't readily available. The people who are able to do this are usually in hiding. People suffering from tenelithropy are also distrustful of them as they have been cursed by a Spell-caster in the first place to even have the ailment.

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Seeing this article notification right after my dermatologist prescribed me UV therapy is innately funny to me. x]   I love that you're tackling two methods of light therapy! Do either of them have negative consequences?

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that's a funny coincidence XD   and thank you ^-^   both can have negative effects or downsides. the sunlight version often brings sunburns and isn't very effective. Some forget to drink enough and get dehydrated too and become delirious.   and the magic one can have the magic backfire if it isn't done well enough, and the enchanted item could potentially harm the wearer.

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