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North Star Nanite Plexus

The North Star Nanite Plexus is a medical nanomachine designed in the famous North Star Community Hospital research center. They have been a monumental breakthrough in the treatment of injuries in people who suffer from the condition exponentia inrita. They are the first series of medical nanomachines developed on Orgranys that use no magical processes in their construction allowing them to work to maximum effect on people so resistant to magic. The nanomachines can stick damaged cells even with nanoscopic instruments and localized enzyme treatments. They are currently in the testing phases of work on attacking some normally nontreatable diseases and even cancerous cells. The next generation in proposing the ability to actually interact with DNA directly and rewriting the code of cells directly.


Can be used to mend any would, will almost never leave a scar. Can be used for surgery as well such as tissue or object removal, breaking them material down and carrying the material out of pores a safe distance from the affected area.


The fabricators use atomic reorganization to build almost anything that they have the plans for, with limiters put in based on the legality of access for the user who must login to the system.
North Star Community Hospital Research Group over the course of several years unlocked the secret for manufacturing them without the enchantments normally used for treatment.
Access & Availability
Can be accessed in almost any hospital either through official shipment, or copies created based of the patent.
They require specialize tools that are relatively freely available. The blueprints are uploaded into the fabricators and atomically assembled over the course of an hour for a batch suitable to use in dozens of treatments.
They were invented in a research lab at a hospital on 11/30/2952, and research into improving the is slow going.

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