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North Star Community Hospital

The North Star community Hospital is the premiere medical research hospital in the city of First Shield on the continent Ogend. They invented the medical nanomachine therapy that can heal people who have the condition exponentia inrita with the greatest effect. They are funded by the government of First shield, as well as the patent and the distribution of the medical nanomachines they invented. The hospital has been needing to expand its facilities for a few years but has not had the break in activity in the recent years to do so.

Purpose / Function

The treatment and alleviation of illnesses, injury, and psychiatric harm. They have spent the better part of a thousand years seeking the panacea. The great task seems to be a failed endeavor, but they will continue.


Each of the sections of the hospital has at 3 entrances, 4 emergency exits, and 3 ambulance drop points with emergency centers in each building.


Over the years the building has had addons built to it, the initial building 350,000 square feet, with each expansion adding another 350,000 feet to its size. There have been four expansions to the building giving it a total floor plan size of 1,400,000 square feet.


Futurist styling, lots of windows with a great view. The buildings have central open air parks in easy sections. on one side the buildings are connected every 3 floors by a closed system bridge. The roof can support aerial craft.


Aside from treatment of various people and the invention of the medical nanomachines mostly has been quiet.
Founding Date
Parent Location
Environmental Effects
The whole building is under a sterile field, and tempuratre controlled at 72 f.

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