Dalaen's Ear

An artifical ear, created by Dalaen Ursael of the University, combining Science with Magic to create something new, he dubbing Magitech, he and a few of his colleagues are the first to take what others have done before in unique and uncodify ways, individual ideas and designs and create a new craft that can be taught to those who want to. It combines the best of Technology science and the best of Magic to create useful tools and items.   In the case of the ear it is design to help people who lost their hearing due to accidents, fights or natural birth defects. It creates a link with the persons mind and picks up sounds from the surrounding area just as an natural ear. While its not perfect it does allow wearers to interact with world of sound. The sensitivity can be alter to allow them to focus on individuals within a crowded room, where due to the way the ear works it would just be a mass of noise, but with the tuning dial it can be turn down to only pick up noise within a few feet of it.  


  The Dalaen's Ear comes in a number of parts, the first 2 are earrings that are worn, which are used as the effectly microphone for the device to pick up the noises, which are then past to the main device which is a small black wood and metal box which then processes the noises and is linked to the person mind, this requires tuning to the persons mind and device, allowing them to hear what the earrings pick up. Each device can only be used by one person without reconfiguration by a specialist. The affect range of the earrings and the box is around 15 feet, so usually the person would carry it on them within a small bag or pouch on their belt.  

Other Uses

  Many people are theorizing that device could be used as a tool to listen in on conversations at a distance by leaving an earring at a location and walking away. But the short affect range of the Devices seem to preclude that from happening as you would have to be within 15 feet of the conversation and earring for the box to pick up the sounds.


Use to give hearing to those without.
Dalaen Ursael
Access & Availability
While its not commonly avaiable yet, it is starting to be come more common outside of the university and noble houses, and spreading out across the population.
It combines science with magic, and those creating them need to understand both.


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4 Jul, 2021 20:13

That's a real interesting magic item - how does it compare to natural ears? Or sonic-based attacks? :O

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