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Iron Limbs

Cost of production

Iron limbs are not needed for Angels, so their existence is no secret. Widely available to any Various that is willing. The cost of these limbs are often minute, as most limbs ae hollow, and with Iron so readily available, the main cost comes from the forging itself, which takes some time. However with the growing numbers within the Empire, this has become less of a problem. Recently P-series creatures have been used instead.

Complexity - Expanded

The complexity varies from limb to limb, depending on rank, respect, or the amount paid, Iron limbs vary in complexity, from simple blades attached to arms, or more complex limbs, that imitate fingers, or toes. The majority are simply cylinders, with blades at the end. Iron smelting is of course essential, and for complex limbs the quality of the forge is very important, as a faulty forge could break the system.


During the constant skirmishes that permeated throughout the years of 52 and 53, the Various Creations were the main body of forces engaging the Angels in combat, although most died, many also survived, although usually they were extremely injured, often missing limbs, many were cast aside, and died, as they were no longer useful. It wasn't until around the end of the year of 53 that a Heresy came up with the idea of using Iron as a substitute for missing limbs.   After some tinkering that carried into the year of 54, a cylinder piece of Iron the end of which was a long blade, was attached to a Various, this was at first largely ignored, and was used sparsely, however, a Higher took interest in the tool, and gave a large group of injured Various replacement limbs. With this development, and the success of the limbs in battle, the practice was expanded, and became part of the extremely military culture within the Empire of the Son.
Parent Technologies
Access & Availability
Widely available
Year of 52 - 54

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