Bellicose Denialnites

Bellicose Denialnites are being used to combat Bellicose Demeanor. The co-inventors of the nanites are carefully guarding their secret, not so much for secrecy, credit, or reward, but for the more altruistic reason of protecting the innocent Skittermanders from contracting the disease. Since it appears to be some type of nanite infection or technology that causes the sickness, careful study of an infected Skittermander might yield what is causing the condition and bad actors would attempt to duplicate the nanites for their own nefarious purposes.   Currently the nanites used by Vordinaw and Tellura are non-replicating. This allows them to be removed from the body of one infected Skittermander and placed in another, while monitoring the first for signs of recurrence or side affects. This is also to study whether the nanites will be required for a lifetime and/or could be used as a vaccine.


It was discovered as a direct result of Bellicose Demeanor.


Currently manufactured directly in Helpful Healing House .
Access & Availability
Currently only available in the Dalkit 422 System, it is showing signs of effectivity in most cases of Bellicose Demeanor.
Nanite technology can be complex, but depends greatly on the application. In this case, it is not yet known how the nanites are working, just that the two Technomancers were able to stumble across a type of nanite that seems to be effective in preventing (no word on a cure yet) Bellicose Demeanor.
Bellicose Denialnites were co-discovered by two Technomancers, a Vesk named Vordinaw and a Skittermander named Tellura.


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