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Helpful Healing House

The Helpful Healing House, or H3 for short, is a temporary hospital set up to treat, understand, and research Bellicose Demeanor  Primarily staffed by Skittermanders, many other species are present and helping, both here in the Dalkit 422 System, and in the other places where this condition has been found to exist. In addition, due to the nature of the sickness, Vesk military overseers are also part of the staff and report their observations directly to Vesk Prime.   Helpful Healing House has 100 beds, all in individual rooms, although only about 30 are currently in use. Some of the most highly advanced medical equipment and magically trained physicians are present as they attempt to understand this very strange affliction of such a helpful and peaceful species.   The building, being build quickly and considered temporary, is of two floors, with shuttle landing pads on the roof. Easily accessible by local air and ground transportation, the Helpful Healing House minimizes transportation time to get the poor afflicted one to safety where they can be observed and hopefully cured.   While two patients have been seemingly cured, they have remained at the Helpful Healing House in order to provide the most help to those who remain sick and to help find a cure. They remain patients at the hospital of their own accord, although they are no longer in the patient wards, but have been moved into more appropriate staff accommodations.   More equipment and specialists arrive regularly to continue or find new lines of research and housing is rapidly blossoming for them around the hospital.


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