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Medicinal spider silk

Harvesting spider silk in The Depths is a very dangerous job. Not only the spider-like creatures are very intelligent (some are capable of speech), but some of them also possess shapeshifting abilities. And yet, risking one's life or even the safety of their tribe still tends to be worth it when compared to the value of the spider silk.   Spider silk coming from The Depths isn't a good material when it comes to prolonged use. Unless maintained by the creatures that created it, it loses most of its properties and falls apart after around 24 hours. Still, after some experimentation, there have been found many medicinal uses for it.  

Basic preparation

To prepare the harvested spider silk for medicinal use, first, their stickiness needs to be reduced. To do so, the silk needs to be soaked for at least one hour in special solutions. Said solutions fulfill 3 roles:  
  • They reduce the stickiness through chemical reactions.
  • They remove the smell of the spider silk so its creator won't be able to follow it.
  • They sterilize the webs and give them primary healing properties thanks to the herbs and drugs used for the solution.
  After 1 hour of soaking the spider silk can finally be used in medicine. The solutions and keeping the spider silk in low temperatures lengthens their "lifespan" to about a week.

Bandages, dressing and slings

Without any additional steps beyond the basic preparation, spider silk can be used both as a short-term bandage or a sling, used mainly in emergencies for quick first aid. By soaking them for another hour in solutions containing substances that induce blood clotting, they can easily be turned into a dressing that quickly stops the bleeding.  

Slowly-administered medicine

By utilizing the short "lifespan" of the spider silk and adding the medicine that should be administered through the skin it is possible to create drugs that will be administered to the affected area through the prolonged time. Turns out, the drugs like that can help against some slowly spreading venoms, poisons and fungal infections mostly encountered in The Depths.

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Cover image: Call of the Tree by Revyera


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