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Tranquilizer Compound Potions, Balms, and Other Medicines (ToBeConLang'dLater)

In recent years, more and more healers and menders battled their patients who were still awaiting a cure or treatment beyond the ability of potions, poultices, balms, teas, and pastes. Generally, their patients were in pain and in need of treatment, but too far away from those who had the ability to cure their conditions.

Potions recipes, such as sleeping draught used to help people sleep, or healing potions to recover from injuries more quickly, had generally been taught for the Alchemist to be mindful in creation and healers to be wary of combining them.


Desperation births creativity - though sometimes the desperation turned unfortunately deadly - and certain calming, tranquilizing, combinations have been found useful in treating several painful conditions.

Despite the warnings and care healers take, combining medicines occured all the same. During and after the Thydian Unification Wars there was a healing mage shortage putting pressure on the nonmage healers to work out creative solutions to otherwise impossible conditions - lockjaw patients in extreme pain from the spasms breaking bones, patients who seemed to be healing before falling sick and their blood turning to rot, patients walking without sleep as their sleeping selves were unable to rest.

Sleeping draught is a common base, though kept to a low dosage due to its addictive nature, but desperate healers began to use it to help those who could not sleep get some. Some began using the draught and adding in pain reducing treatments, and some added in the powders of healing potions to assist the body in accelerating its healing ability.


Do not mix potions!
— Classic lessons

Mixing potions tends to create different effects, some nullifying their effects, others amplifying the effects, and some creating new disasterous ones. These new tranquilizing combinations have been seen as highly effective - even practical - if not for the uncertainty in getting everything correct for the individual.

Complicating this challenge is when a combination may work safely for one patient, while becoming a disaster for others. Most healers track the rough ratios they apply on their patients, generally starting with small doses to watch for the effects and in an effort to prevent death.

Families, on the other hand, may protest this practice and decry the healer as using their loved one as a "thing" to be studied and not a person, while other families demand the healer "stop playing with numbers and measurements and just heal" their loved one.

Tranquilizer compounds are used to treat the following:

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