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Revabeò {English} (rɛvbiːò)

Mix the powdered Fellflower petals with the Mirror Tall.
Use the extract the fluids from Witch's Poppy with added mountain salts to collect them.
Let the salt mix shimmer in water and add a spoon of wood ashes to make it solid.
Create a paste mixing the aforementioned two mixes and add parsley and Murkbark.
Apply on wounds that have become or are at risk of becoming infected.
— Journal of Mell Howmoon, Tatarus Sheerfsir
Nekurian medicine continues to be one of the foremost sciences of the country and separates the Necur and Humans in terms of understanding how infections and other illnesses affect their bodies. Known as Wound salves, many of these stem from local recipes or combining the best of their most effective plants in hopes of hindering death from greying or yellowing infected wounds. Revabeò is one of the latest salves created by a Necur wiseman in central Nekuram and quite effective compared to other similar salves. It has since its creation spread to the capital where The Sheerfs began using it and even the Regent of Nekuram.
Wound salve, hinder infections and the spread of infection in contaminated wounds.
Uncommon in both Narzuvim and Marlun

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Organization | Jul 7, 2023


While quite simple in theory, the salve's components need to be thoroughly mixed and prepared. The ingredients are also not the easiest found together and instead are collected from many locations near and far from where it was first produced in the southeastern central Nekuram. The wiseman that first created it had the luck of having Murkbark and mountain salts that otherwise is not readily available where he lived. This is also why the salve is more readably in the capital and larger towns where importing and trade of such ingredients are more common while the local practices of a similar kind are still used.


The salve is used mostly for infected wounds or if one fears that a wound might get infected. During its discovery, the wiseman in question was pressed for time and had not his normal, local variety of ingredients and experimented as his reputation as the village's wiseman was on the line, or so it is said. This is why he used mountain salts as a preparation agent, a very valuable resource that the village otherwise had not everyday access to. The use of it has since spread further and further, reaching the capital but not before the Tatarus Sheerfsir Mell Howmoon wrote down the recipe during his travel and examination.

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Jul 9, 2021 02:49 by Cassandra Sojourn

I like the part about the wiseman experimenting to create this, on the fly, so as not to damage his reputation. The rarity of mountain salts would make this more difficult to create. I wonder if people have found ways to change up the recipe so that it’s just as effective?

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Jul 10, 2021 16:43 by A

Yes, rarity makes it hard to create and forces exports from the lesser fortune locations around Nekuram. But who knows? Someone might be experimenting in trying to create a similar mix/cure with other components? As there are countless different recipes around Nekuram, someday someone will find a just as effective mix, or at least someone might hope so (Will have to look into this).

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