Green Draught

A Cure for Curses


Witchcraft was common during the early Venezian years as they were thrown out constantly for it. There are many instances to support that they did practice magic but to warrant being cast out varies with each town. When they got their revenge, sometimes they went a little too far by getting magic involved. Some places where they treated Venezians more poorly than others had the worst amount of cases.

Surprised citizens found they had warts in unsightly places, their luck being run out, or worse, one of those annoying complicated curses that impair one’s lifestyle. Because magic was fairly taboo because of them, someone had to step in and provide a solution. That’s when a Valencian man stepped in with the latest breakthrough.

Hoping to cure hexes and other inconvenient curses, Dr. Vermicile, a Gregorian apothecary, found a solution. Through concocting specialized herbs that strengthen the body and that alters the innate magic ability within all creatures, whether overbearing or barely existent, the curse would be lifted.


The core function behind green draught is the removal of a simple curse. At best, it can dampen stronger spells or not work at all if it’s too powerful.


To summarize, Vermicile has found that herbs that strengthen the body’s resolve that are mixed with arcane-dampening mixtures work best. If mixed correctly, the outcome is a shining dark green potion that tastes like a pile of wet leaves.

Dr. Vermicile
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For a novice alchemist, green draught’s recipe can seem easy to craft but any error will result in either unintended symptoms or completely wrong outcomes. An expert in the field can craft it with only mild difficulty.

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