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Tatterskyre Tea

Eating small flakes of tatterskyre bark slows bleeding (internal and external) and thickens the blood, soothing agitated folk and making them drowsy. This herb can aid the healing of many sorts of internal wounds. This has been refined into tea by healers in some Rjurik tribes.   Orcs and all goblinkin (goblins, hobgoblins, and such) are especially susceptible to the effects of tatterskyre bark, and typically fall asleep if given as much to eat as would cover their palms. Since this is a sleep typically filled with pleasant dreams, many orcs gather and carry the bark and eat it regularly.   The tatterskyre is a gnarled shrub that tends to form loops or drooping arcs like wild raspberry canes, rerooting when it touches the ground only to throw up fresh stems. It grows all over the Heartlands and the North, is smaller in colder climes, and its bark is very flaky and easily brushed off; its foliage sprouts as bursts of needlelike flat leaves all up and down its stems.  

Initial Effects

  If someone who is at half health or below consumes tatterskyre, they regain 1 hit point per minute until they are at half health. Orcs and goblinoids regain hit points twice that rate.  

Secondary Effects

  If consumed by someone who is frightened (as as the condition) or who has any levels of exhaustion, drunkenness, or withdrawal, that person becomes extremely drowsy. They must make a DC 10 Wisdom saving throw or fall asleep. It will be very difficult to wake the person if less than 4 hours have passed since they went to sleep, and if thus woken early, the person will be groggy and slow-thinking (all mental ability checks and saving throws made at disadvantage). For orcs and goblinoids, a 4-hour-long, tatterskyre-induced sleep counts as a long rest.  

Side Effects


Overdose Effects


Addict Effects

  Each time tatterskyre is taken by someone addicted to the bark, there is a 10 percent chance that the user will be unable to fall asleep without using the drug.   Addiction DC. 12 (addictive only to orcs and goblinoids)   Addiction Dice. 1d4


Used sometimes as a sedative. It helps with general healing and forces a long rest remove conditions that would normally be removed by a long rest. However, because of the sedative nature it is hard to wake them early or interrupt the long rest. This stops the conditions getting worse.
Access & Availability
It's common in the North Western highlands, but is a guarded secret by the clans up there. It grows everywhere, but only a few clans will willingly trade it with port towns.
The greatest discoveries are made by idiots who dare to ask the question of 'what happens when I put this in my mouth?'   Druid Angus Haversue was the idiot with this one but at least he took the time to ensure you could brew it before he put it in his mouth.


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