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Tweektwelif Drank

Description and indication

Though alchemy is an old art, the tweektwelif drank - that means 'The two-dozen concoction' is a novel approach to treat conditions that are caused by over-activity or under-activity of a certain element in the body. As the name implies it needs twenty-four ingredients to be mixed with the composition changing depending on what kind of condition is to be cured and where in the body it occurs. This alchemical treatment has only been around for 17 years, when it was discovered by the late Wlaitdimm. This treatment is exclusively known to and performed by the Skaura Orohlen.

History of its discovery

The Liikgjalland Wlaitdimm of the Skaura Orohlen is said to have reached a deeper understanding of alchemy on one of her spiritual journeys. In one particular case a group of Skaura Orohlen contacted her directly as parts of the group developped signs of elemental imbalances. The groups own guðr could not find a reason why his group was failing, so Wlaitdimm visited the men and the women and also the men and women of the groups closest in kin. Then she went into seclusion to commune with the spirits. During this journey she percieved the fabrics and the fibres of the elements, not of the environment, but of the people she inspected before. The causes of the weaknesses were manifold, which brought her to the conclusion that individual measures had to be taken. On her astral journey she revisited twenty-four of the individuals she had seen before, saw twenty-four different patterns of imbalances and after returning to worldly Samthô, the first twenty-five ingredients she saw all pertained to the five elements and the five main organs. Thus she concluded if she left out one of those, she could either suppress or boost the element or organ connected to that ingredient.

Manufacture, applicability and effect

Producing the Tweektwelif Drank is a time-consuming endeavour since a wide variety of ingredients have to be collected. In fact several hundred ingredients are fit to be used to make one concoction. First the person who is to be treated has to be thoroughly checked to make sure it is not some kind of infection, poison, spirit or other external cause that is responsible for the indisposition. If it is clear, that the cause is internal and the affected element and organ has been identified, the ingredients have to be obtained first. There is no specific ritual connected to manufacturing the Tweektwelif Drank, so the guðr mainly has to assist with identifying and procuring the necessary ingredients. The concoction is best prepared by filling the ingredients into a small container with a lid and adding some clean water. The mixture has to be set somewhere close to a fire to get heated but not boiled. After a few hours it is ready for consumption. Many of these mixtures have unpleasant side effects like headache, limb or abdominal pain, cramps, heavy sweating or ague so they are mostly taken in the evening and slept over as well as possible. The side effects usually don't last longer than a day.
The Tweektwelif Drank has - if the correct ingredients were chosen and the cause of the indisposition was really internal - a very high success rate. It will result in the patient feeling overall healthier and stronger, which is only natural after imbalanced energy flows have been rebalanced again. The causes of internal imbalances are still unknown, so nothing can be done about those yet. The intense side effects of the treatment can not be attenuated since that would nullify the effect of the concoction perfectly matching the individual patients condition.


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