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Blackwater Tonic

Blackwater Tonic is a combination of spring water that has been filtered with charcoal, ginger, pineapple, and a pinch of sand from the shores of Blackwater Beach. The elixir is crafted in Belisa by the dwarven brothers, Theldor and Bengram Goldeye. The story behind their tonic is that it's a family recipe that's been passed down from mother to mother. Their mother, Giselle, wished that the rest of the world could experience the benefits of the family medicine. Unfortunately, Giselle perished after contracting Black Mine Misery and was never able to see her dream come to fruition.   Once the brothers were old enough, they tracked down their mother's recipe book, which once belonged to their grandmother, and they started crafting the tonic themselves. While much of the recipe is fairly obvious from flavor alone, they boast that there's a secret ingredient that puts Blackwater Tonic leagues ahead of any competitors. Unbeknownst to the public, this secret ingredient is a dash of opium. The high that follows a spoonful of medicine convinces buyers that it truly works. Instead, it only gets them hooked the more they use it.   The hype for the tonic hasn't died down and rumors have spread all over. The Goldeye brothers make a killing from selling it to sailors, who either keep the tonic aboard for emergencies, or they turn around and sell it to other countries for a modest profit.


Blackwater Tonic is said to cure all known ailments and afflictions. Two tablespoons a day will keep the doctor away. While most customers know to be careful and don't continue taking it after their illness appears to be cured, a small portion of the consumer base is addicted to the tonic after taking it for an extended period of time.
Access & Availability
Blackwater Tonic is available in most general stores on Romaya, especially those in Belisa. It's mass produced, though the brothers occasionally shake up the market by announcing that there's a shortage of their famous tonic. During those times, the price is increased significantly, giving it much more allure to the wealthy whose coin goes into "ending the shortage".

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