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Ointments are a concoction created by a Felid who simply goes by the name of Ointment Cat. They are considered superior to potions, though only Ointment Cat has been able to create them.   What they are exactly is a cream that is rubbed onto the skin of those requiring it. Depending on the type of ointment, they have different effects.  

The Various Effects

The different types of ointments make unique effects. Some of these ointments, and their effects are, are as follows:
  • Health Ointment- Health Ointment has the same properties as a healing potion, healing those that apply it. It is more effective than health potions, but only works on the areas of the body it is applied to, and requires an entire container for one spot of the body.
  • Tan Ointment- Ointment known to give a (mediocre) fake tan to the skin that it is applied to.
  • Hair Ointment- Ointment that can help grow hair, used to stop balding and also to disguise oneself as a Mishan for undercover operations.
  • Anti-Freeze Ointment- Ointment that helps people that apply it resist the cold.
  • Anti-Burn Ointment- Ointment that helps people that apply it resist flames.
  • Anti-Anti-Burn Ointment- Ointment that burns whatever it is applied to.
  • Anti-Age Ointment- When an entire canister of this ointment is applied to the face of a person, it will bring their body back to the age of their early adulthood.

The Mysterious Origins

These ointments are a mystery to much of the world. However, Ointment Cat has been seen making ointments on occasion. The ingredients that were put into it were absolutely ridiculous, with desert sand as the base, with cactus juice, various plants from the jungles of Shafai, and other ingredients that were so vile together, those that witnessed it could not even handle listing all of them.   It is also unclear why these are so effective. Ointment Cat, according to all records, never studied at the Magic College, yet there is no doubt that his ointments are magical. They are more effective than the potions of Tamd, which are also magical.
Olmand Shinebright by Jarhed
  The Ointment is so effective that an Elf who was, at the time of application, already at the end of his life was brought back to his twenties after putting Anti-Age Ointment on. This man was named Olmand Shinebright, and he was fully revitalized after applying the ointment. His body, from all study, was once again twenty.   Ointment Cat himself seemed a bit astounded at how well it worked on Olmand. Olmand, after that reaction, had believed that Ointment Cat had used him as a test subject for his ointments, but further facts about the ointments prove that they had been around long before Olmand had tried it.   Many healers have tried to replicate even the most basic Health Ointments, but to no avail. Even studies of the Ointment, which some that bought it did not use, have proven to have inconclusive results. It goes bad fast, with about two days before it is no longer good.   Ointment Cat also claimed that it cannot be used more than once on someone. Tests by Ludhar's Legion at the Lodge of Ludhar seemed to prove that applying Health Ointment twice would hurt someone, and applying Anti-Burn Ointment twice burned them.

All tests were halted before anyone actually got a real answer. It was considered unethical, and the Legion member that attempted it was kicked out. His hypothesis indicates that applying Anti-Age Ointment twice would have rapidly aged the subject, but the unproven nature of this makes the truth unclear.
Ointment Cat by Yumedatchi

Ointment Cat

Ointment Cat is a Felid whose origins are still shrouded in mystery. It is believed that he is from Udai, the continent where Felid and other Beastmen originate from, but he denies any claims that state as such.   Instead, Ointment Cat claims to be from the desert, where he also says he created the ointment. He does not say where in the desert, or how he got there. Any attempt to get information from him results in him pushing the sales of his ointments even more than he already does. The same applies with any attempt to pry his real name from him, with him insisting Ointment Cat is his name.   The age of Ointment Cat is unknown. While he appears young from all that saw him, it is clear that this could be magically done by his Anti-Age Ointment, so he could very well have been incredibly old. He claims the ointment can't be reapplied, but this could be him hiding his secret.

Last Sighting

Ointment Cat is the only merchant known to truly sell the ointment that has these properties. Despite this, there have been very few public appearances from him. The last commonly believed appearance from Ointment Cat was in 498, when he closed the shop that he had set up in the Draconian capital of Zephys. The last customers to be seen at his shop were the Monions on their way to kill the Grand Wizard.   Despite this, many still claim he is alive and out there selling ointment. They even show Ointment they got, though some of it has been proven to be falsely created Ointment not made by Ointment Cat. Still, they claim to have met him. Ointment Cat sightings are like seeing a mythical creature, as few will believe you even if you show proof.

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Cover image: by GregMontani


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