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Ashbloom Pill

Ashbloom Pills are an antiviral tablet drug created from the alkali extract of the Greybloom flowers. If given early to a person sick with the Ash Fever it helps ease the symptoms and may even prevent it in some lucky cases.  


The pills are 1 cm tablets, pale grey in colour, with a small symbol of an A on the top.  

Side Effects

Commonly nausea and vomiting. In rare cases toxic epidermal necrolysis, confusion and abnormal hearth rhythms.  

Cultural Significance

The Ashbloom pills brought some change with them. With many of those proficient in healing magic gone pharmacists became more important than ever. At the same time the expensive Ashbloom Pills were in high demand, giving more than enough work to chemists and medics. Pharmacists begun to hire more apprentices to keep up with the work. Som of these pharmacists became both wealthy and famous, creating a new circle of rich noble-like people.


Ashbloom pills are tablets, primarily manufactured by pharmacists in the southern parts of Lands of Aduralin.   A mix between maize and wheat starch are used as a binding ingredient. The active ingredient of the pill is a grainy thick liquid. The grainy liquid is manufactured from the greybloom alkali extract and a number of organic substances.   Greybloom are pluck and treated by the Merian dwarfs to create an alkalic extract which is exported and sold to the pharmacists. The process of turning Greybloom into the liquid involves steady stirring during meticulous heating, mixing with some specific salts and separation of unwanted substances made from those salts.

Summer Camp 2021
Anglesia, priestess of Montezur Domechurch.
Access & Availability
As of 505 BP Ashbloom Pills are widely available to the upper classes but quite limited in number for the lower classes. Enough pills to treat or ease the disease costs around 100 gp to 700 gp, depending on local availability and how early the disease is begun to be treated.

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