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Greybloom is a species of plant native to the south western The Beneath. It grows on a depth of about 400 m below sea level to 900 m below sea level (a depth commonly referred to as The Bloom). It grows in highly acidic caves, such as the The Silent Halls.   The Greybloom has two large irregular lips, the almost spherical upper lip being pale grey and the flat but thick inflated lower lip being a darker grey with brighter dots. The thick lips are used to store an alkali liquid. The liquid is used by the flower in combination with acidic moisture in the environment to convert ionized energy into a form that can be stored and used by the plant.   The alkali rich flower is processed by Merian dwarfes to create a liquid used to manufacture the Ashbloom Pill.  


The Greybloom thrives in acidic climates but cannot survive in any normal climate, making them in risk of extinction if the acidic caves they live in were to change. As most acidic caves are separated by long stretches of common climate the flowers have a hard time spreading to new acidic caves, or re-spreading back to caves where it once have grown. After a few acidic caves where picked clean of Greybloom it was decided by a number of dwarfen leaders that the flower were to be protected. Only if there is more than three Greybloom within a two times two meter square any of those Greybloom may be picked. A proportional amount of Greybloom seed is also to be spread in the area.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

The flower takes 2 weeks too sprout and another 1 week to flower. At this point the Greybloom is about 10 centimeters high and petals with a diameter 3 cms. It then takes about 3 months for it to grow to its full size of 40 cm long and petals up to 15 cm in diameter. The petals halve also bulged up to a thickness of 1-2 cm. The flower continues to bloom for a bit under a year before it dies.
Scientific Name
Calceolaria Alcali
Conservation Status
Partly protected
Geographic Distribution

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