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The Silent Halls

A few miles from Deepmere lies a large cavernous system. Acidic gases rise up from cracks in the stone, making it mostly inhospitable.


The Silent Halls a number of large connected cavers, stretching a bit over 1 km in length and about half of that in width. Most of the caves are about 15 meters high and around 100 meters in length. The smallest caves are 6 meters high and about the same in diameter. The largest one, commonly referred to as the Amphitheater, is almost 80 meters high and more than 250 meters in diameter. The Amphitheater has slopes up from the ground level in large natural steps, making it reminiscent of a an amphitheater, giving it its name.

Fauna & Flora

A number of different bacteria lives in these cave system. Most of them use acid to dig into rocks in hunt for minerals and microscopic crystals containing magical energy.   Living of the bacteria is a number of micro organism and a lichen known as Spiders Hide.   The caves are also home to three different types of insects. Greyback, a flat shielded beetle that eats bacteria. Spider Eye, a larger orange beetle, eating lichen. It gets it name from looking like small spider eyes when running around in the otherwise dark cave. The last one is a an ant-like beetle that hunts other other insects and worms.   Two types of worms live in the caves. Violet Worm lives of greybloom and dead biological matter. It is poisonous to make it less interestign as a food source to other creatures. White Larva is a worm that looks like segmented maggots and, just as the Greyback, lives of bacteria.   Greybloom is a large double lipped flower that grows here. The flowers are what makes the caves famous and worth working in. These flowers are used to create Ashbloom Pill, a cure to Ash Fever.
Alternative Name(s)
Acid Blooms
Inhabiting Species

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