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Crystal Mephistotamine

Crystal mephistotamine, also known as Crystal Mephisto or simply Meph, has recently arrived on the black market after technological advances in plasma purification allowed the mass production of the drug to be viable and cost effective.  


Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes
— meph user
Crystal mephistotamine is a colorless, odorless form of a-mephistotamine, a powerful stimulant. It resembles tiny glass fragments or shiny blue-white "rocks" of various sizes. Street names for the drug include glass, blue ice, shabu, shards, and alpha mephod.  


Decide to deliver excellence
— ad tagline
Delivery of the stimulant is with a configurable injector pen. Various elctrical currents created by the pen are applied to the crystals within to produce resonant frequencies. These resonances enable the user to target certain physiological attribute groups - physical, mental, or social. Delivery must happen within seconds of configuration, as the frequency resonance degrades quickly. However, degradation of the frequency does not affect crystal efficacy, and it can easily be reconfigured again if the window is missed. However, constant application of a specific current will cause the crystalline structure to permanently degrade.  


Why have others do it for you if none can match your perfection?
— ad tagline
In small doses crystal mephistotamine can heighten intellect, stimulate physical activity, or improve social IQ. Chronic abuse can cause psychotic and violent behavior characterized by intense paranoia, visual and auditory hallucinations, and permanent loss of physical, social, or mental capacity.   Immediately after injecting crystal mephistotamine, abusers experience a brief, intense sensation, or rush, that is followed by heightened attributes that usually lasts for 12 hours. Withdrawal symptoms include drug cravings, paranoia, and depression.  


To break the rules, you must first master them
— meph producer
Crystal mephistotamine is produced using a "washing" technique that involves dissolving powdered a-mephistotamine in plasma. The mixture is allowed to evaporate, causing crystals to form around the edge of the container in which it is being mixed. The solution must be allowed to evaporate in a cold environment to ensure the crystal size remains small. Large crystals (>10 ┬Ám) form when the solution evaporates at room temperature, are very unstable, and will likely explode with any attempt to break them down into smaller pieces. The crystals then are collected and dried. The purity of the finished product varies depending on the amount of washing and the laboratory operator's level of experience.  


Can anyone put a price on perfection
— ad tagline
Quantity Pure Mixed
20 12,000 - 12,300 5,000 - 6,000
10 6,500 - 6,700 2,700 - 3,200
1 700 - 800 300 - 600
Pure Form
Increase either your Physical, Mental, or Social attribute groups while simulatneously decreasing 3 random attributes.  
Mixed Form
Increase 1d4 + 2 attributes from an attribute group (Physical, Mental, or Social) while simulatneously decreasing 1d4 + 1 random attributes.  
12 hours
Unknown, though the Senchal Overguild is suspected.
Access & Availability
Accesible via the Black Market.


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