Domenech's Ability Restorers

Some of those unfortunate enough to suffer from The Adventurer's Malady are indeed just wretches, reduced to begging just to keep from starvation. But for those with a bit more coin to spend, Marlena and Raimon Domenech might have just what they need to restore at least some of the mobility they have lost.   Most famous is, of course, the combat wheelchair, but they have many other prosthetics and aids to offer, at a variety of price points.   For the less well-off, there are the traditional peg leg and hook for those who have lost a leg or arm respectively. But the Domenechs have finer solutions than these.   Who would have a hook, when they can afford a carved arm with hand carefully shaped so it can grasp items in the same way? These come in a variety of colours and sizes to suit any body, and the curved hand serves dual purpose as a fist should combat ensue. Or for the more adventurous, the Domenechs can craft a hand perfectly suited for your weapon of choice. A bit obvious? Select the plain hand with hidden compartment - the hand falls forward on a hinge and a concealed dagger slides out on a spring. enchanted with an attached mage hand tuned to their use?   And if you find yourself needing to catch up on bookwork or accounts, exchange the hand for one with attached quill pen and write away to your heart's content. Or if that doesn't give enough control, move up to the premium model enchanted with a permanent mage hand tuned to you and regain your full capacities.   For the leg-deprived, the next step up from the simple peg is a carved foot. This can either be shaped to fit into a normal shoe, come with built in shoe effect, or be left open for admiration - a choice of hair levels and styles can be selected to match the pair, or make your mark with a silver or gold inlay or indeed complete leg. Designs can be engraved and adorned with jewels for the really ostentatious.   A solid foot and ankle is a step up from a peg, but better yet are those models with subtle springs incorporated into the ankle so that they flex like a real foot would, making the whole process of walking and running more natural and less effort.   Of course, in the same way as the hands, the Domenechs can offer specialised foot attachments. They have the grasper, which will clamp round a protrusion, branch, rope or other similar sized item almost like a hand, giving a much more stable footing. Just make sure that the straps holding the prosthetic to your leg are very securely fixed if you wish to try actually hanging from the foot. A stamping action will close the foot around the item, and a twist will unlock it again.   There is also the running blade, spring-loaded - the finer versions are said to allow greater speed than a normal person, and enable jumps of double the normal height.


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