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Breath of Life

Five years ago we lost fifty.   Three years ago it was seventy-five.   Last year, sixty.   This year, although it's only half completed, we have lost -- three.   Let there be no doubt, the process is a success. The evidence is before our eyes, and in the grateful eyes of the no-longer certainly dead sailors, and their families.   The Navy has used it with considerable success as the numbers show. It is time and past that the civilians know it too. The fishing fleets, the merchant vessels, every boat, every crew, every family, any who spend time on, in, or near water should learn it.   I will share with you the needed instructions. After that it merely takes practice.  
  1. Remove the victim from the water and quickly find a flat solid surface to place him upon. He should be lying on his back.
  2. You will need to determine two things: 1. Is he breathing? If you put your cheek near his mouth and nose you can feel for any breath. At the same time you can watch to see if the chest is moving. 2. Is his heart beating? Check neck or wrist to see or feel for a pulse.
  3. Tilt his head back, so his mouth is pointing upward. 
  4. You may need to check to make sure there is nothing in his mouth that should not be there, if there is anything, sweep it out with your fingers. No time to be squeamish.
  5. Kneel to the side of the victim, near his face then pinch his nostrils shut and cover his mouth with your own. 
  6. Breathe normally into his mouth looking sideways to make sure his chest rises with your breath. Do this at least twice.
  7. Between each set of two breaths, you will need to imitate the beating heart. Do this by placing your hands on his breastbone between the nipples seems to work best. Push hard, so that the chest compresses at least two inches. Do this thirty times.  
  8. Give two breaths then thirty pushes. 
  This process is exhausting, and very few people can do it more than a few minutes. It is important, whenever possible to make sure there are others ready to share the work.   When do you stop? Obviously if the person revives, you can cease. Beyond that, it can be  a soul-wrenching choice.  Do it as long as you can. Not all will be saved.   Respectfully submitted to Her Majesty by Admiral Dadebrey, currently commanding the western fleet.


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