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Located in the Northern tip of South Nyria at the jungle flood plains of the Saltriver Passage.   The town for centuries served as an important trade post for the Eledhrim nations and tribes becoming an safe haven on the dangerous crossing of the Saltriver passage.   In recent years many of the explorers that aim to explore the depths of the jungles both on the north side of the river and the south have used Akrodentria as a jumping off point, supplies depot and recouperation center for those who manage to survive the jungles.   The town is conviniently located at the top of a round hill overlooking the river on 3 sides and only connected with the mainland via a raised road through the Mangrove forest on the south side of the town.   The town itself is protected by high stone-based wall that is extended upwards with hardwood palisade.   The town's significantly sized port can be found in a small golf at the east side of the hill. It can host up to 6 large sized ships and tens of fising boats.   Atop of the west wall tower of the wall the city also boasts a landing platform and an aviary that can host three Quetzalcoatlus.   The economy of the settlement is mostly based on fishing, carpenty and logging but trade and hospitality for those crossing plays a more important role with the passing of each year.


The town, is mostly completely indipendant from any tribal council. It is led by eight elders which loosely represent the populations of the eight cultures of the Eledhrim. The elders remain to the council for life or until they abducate their position to a younger member of their culture. Contrary to most nations, it is very common in Akrodentria for elders to leave the post early and let the younger generation to take the reigns.   This practive of giving space for the younger generation, has led to the quick and steady growth of the settlement. New ideas can easily flourish and people are open to change.   It is that style of governance that also caused the isolation of Akrodentria from the rest of the nations, since most of them consider those who live in it, extremist and disloyal to the ancient traditions.
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