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The Golden Way

"The Golden Way" - or "GoldWay" for short - is an often whispered about pleasure district, with a guest list as exclusive as they come. Membership is believed to be granted via invite-only and most likely costs a small fortune once you've been selected. As gated as the community it was built to serve, this area is rumoured to span a single street filled to the brim with "adult entertainment" options, tantalizing experiences, and lavish decor. It is further said to be surrounded by high-security walls on all sides, a sealed roof, and more muscle than you could imagine, to help enforce the all-essential "members only" policy that has allowed the street to thrive. No edgerunners allowed, no exceptions. Which is just as well, as they'd have to find it first, which has proven to be no easy feat for those who have tried.   This area was most likely intended to give the residents of the Executive Zone a place to blow off steam without having to stoop down to the bars, brothels, and casinos of Night City proper. After all, avoiding situations that could turn into blackmail material for opportunists should be the name of the game for every Corpo worth a damn, as every rich sucker whose Borg fetish or Blue Glass habit has been exposed on the Pool will no doubt warn you. Whether you're hosting high-profile guests from out of town, trying to make under-the-table deals, have a hankering for exotic meats, an itch for high-stakes poker, a special taste in Brain Dances, fetishes and fantasies to live out, or a sudden urge for the best designer drugs money can buy, GoldWay is the place for you! Or so the rumours say.   The mystery owners running the whole enterprise probably saw a demand and had the cash reserves to fill the need. A judgment-free zone for those that can afford it, well, that's just a tale as old as time when gentrification comes to town. However, it's not only the excess and arrogant hedonism that's ruffling the feathers of people who hear about it. It's the fact that they're stealing talent from the other, less well off, districts, luring workers away with golden promises that are almost definitely too good to be true. That is, if the many madames around the NC red districts are to be believed anyway.

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