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Sporkaraine Isle

A small island in the Shimmering Sea that is owned by the Montravatris Family. Over the last decade it has become a major leisure destination for wealthy individuals and nobles in western Therrmordia.    History Sporkaraine Isle is one of many small islands scattered throughout the Shimmering Sea. Its indigenous inhabitants are humans who claimed to have always lived on the island. It is possible that they are the descendants of shipwreck survivors from the Second or Third Era, but it is more likely their distant ancestors were placed on the isle late in the Second Creation. The indigenous people have no mythological connection to the primordials and their religious practices are different from the rest of Therrmordia.    Sporkaraine Isle's history with the wider world began with the discovery of the island by gnomish sailors from the Seven Jewels. Ignoring the people already living on the island, the gnomes claimed it as their own. It eventually passed into the possession of the Montravatris Family, a merchant house from Genistra, who built a small supply depot along the lagoon on the southern side of the isle. Over the following centuries the Montravatrises expanded the settlement, cutting trees for timber and planting some crops, slowly driving the indigenous humans into the northern half of the isle.    Fifteen years ago, the current head of the family, Emil Montravatris, began expanding the settlement, first by building a lavish mansion, then other fancy structures. Ten years ago he unexpectedly retired from running the family businesses and moved to Sporkaraine Isle. There he continued to build, adding a large winery and distillery that took in the produce of the island's expanded orchards and created copious amounts of alcohol, which Emil and his guests consumed. Emil imported game animals to hunt and worked to turn the isle into a luxurious getaway for the wealthy. The isle still serves its original purpose as a supply depot, and merchant vessels frequently stop, but now specially designed passenger ships in service of the Montravatris Family arrive weekly to deposit new guests and return old ones.   Description Sporkaraine Isle is thirty-one square miles. It is roughly triangle shaped, with a central peak the splits into three ridges running into peninsulas. Along the southern coast is a double lagoon. The outer lagoon is the location of the isle's harbor and most structures are build around it. The inner shallower lagoon is used for pleasure boating and swimming. Most of the southern sides of the eastern and western peninsulas have been cleared and built up for the settlement. The northern sides have not been cleared, and visitors rarely go into these areas unless hunting.    The natives have been pushed onto the northern peninsula. They live in two groups, one on either side of the central ridge. Some natives are employeed as hunting guides, but most avoid the settlement.
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