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Sable Noir Du Cap

A festival town that that is known to have a wild nightlife. The town sits on the cliffs above a beautiful black beach. The beach is basalt sand. There is a number of bathhouses and brothels around the town. The beaches nearest the cliffs have a pier that brings in cruise ships. The city under normal circumstances has an average population of or around twelve thousand, and can boom out at festivals to around twenty thousand. The place is known for beautiful beaches.


Twenty two percent catfolk, twenty percent human, sixteen percent kitsune, eleven percent halfling, nine percent elf, six percent gnome, six percent dragonborn, five percent orc, three percent goblin,  and two percent other races.


The town has an elected mayor, who is currently Kazumi Wisewhisk. Taxes on most items are around eight percent. Public decency laws are fairly lax, but keep it in your pants during the day.

Industry & Trade

Souvenir shops, hotels, prostitution, and entertainment of various natures.


A basalt mine, with equipment to handle 30ftx30ftx3ft slabs, a unique type of wind based power generator that stands fifty foot tall and is designed to not kill birds easily.

Guilds and Factions

There is a organization that locally manages the prices of various commodities, and even keeps track of the tourist coming in on cruises.


There are frequent cruises coming into the cape. At least four ships a month. Festivals greatly increase the tourism.


Stonework building that have a courtyard or garden in the center area.


A large stretch of beaches that forms around a headland that has a prominent cliff on the northwest side. The stone is basalt

Natural Resources

Goats are raised in the region in mass. Basalt is mined south of the city and exported.
Founding Date
Alternative Name(s)
Cape Black Sands
Owning Organization
Characters in Location

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