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On the west side of the dragons reach back mountain on the largest island in the tray Linea's archipelago is the town of (name to be determined). This town began as a supply depot for the criminals who were hiding in the protective danger of the volcano at the heart of the island.   As the number of criminals hiding in the lava tubes formed by the volcano increased, there was need for them to get supplies such as food and any number of things. Merchants who had no problem dealing with the disreputable elements that made their homes in the volcano set up shop at the base of the mountain near one of the rivers feeding out of the mountains. This town quickly grew as it became a sort of haven for those who wish to enjoy time away from their hideouts.   It was a walled city in the beginning where the walls were to keep the law-abiding citizens and the Rangers from the ferry council out. To enter into the protective barrier of the city was to admit that you were a part of the criminal element and ready to do illicit business.   Father appears to be no honor among thieves, the rule of, "what happens here, stays here," was the most sacredly kept rule of them all. As much as the Rangers of true Linea's tried to catch criminals when they left the city, they could never gather enough proof to determine that any laws were broken because of their inability to get inside the town to investigate according to the laws set up by the ferry council and the ruling bodies of true Linea's.   The city grew as did the protective border around the city. With each generation of criminal establishing inside the city instead of in the uncomfortable mountain lava tubes above, the city walls expanded out to include those who had set up shop outside the protective barrier the rings of the barriers once removed became large and productive thoroughfares within the city.   At one point in history, the leaders of this town decided that it would be beneficial to build casinos and places of entertainment that anyone could come to without having to come through the walls of the city. This ring of casinos and dance halls and restaurants became known as "the outer edge." The criminal element of the town built one last giant fortress wall and built the casinos etc. just outside. No more protective barriers were built around the city but it still grew through the sprawling merchants and workers that came around the city to support or patron the casinos.   Since there was no outer wall, the Rangers are true Linea's came and established outposts surrounding the outer edge in an effort to establish some law and order. This pleased the more sophisticated criminal element protected with in the walls as now the Rangers were taking care of the riffraff and undesirables who congregated around the casinos so that the reputable victims of gambling could enter this casinos with ease.   One hidden feature planned within the the final wall of the city is a large network of tunnels through the wall. The casinos may be outside the walls, but their tunnels lead through the wall to their brothels. Soon the tunnels were the worst kept secret in the land and served as trafficing conduits between the barely legal activities outside the wall and the blatently illegal within.   Etymology: Latin Supply: Copiam Supply: Vis Viscopiam
Large city


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