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Prompt 24: Helia

Helia is the city of pleasure. Founded by someone who sought fun over the hard work of those who founded Salire. It has grown into the destination for anyone seeking to relax and enjoy themselves. Many who save up for a ticket to the city will spend a weekend doing the things they would rather not let people back at home know.
    Helia is a town of pleasure known through out the region of the frozen lands. A place founded by someone who didn't like the stuffy attitudes of the city of Salire and it's nobles. Deciding to establish something for those who seek fun, he sought out his own paradise. He would end up founding his town inside a cave system that was connected to a lava flow allowing for the town to be heated compared to other places in the frozen lands.   Once he had found the perfect place he sent word to others of what he was building. This caused many to leave in the early years of the founding of the city of Salire. Built around having fun and entertainment compared to the hard working and industry focus of the city of Salire.   Over the years the animosity that once existed between the two settlements have simmered as they accepted that they was of use to eachother. Helia provide the fun and entertainment that could potential cause problems if such things occured in the city of Salire. While Salire provides Helia with products necessary for their purposes.   With enough money anything is possible in that city. The Sapphire Palace was based on the concepts of the city of Helia. Luckily in Helia their is less likely a chance to lose everything to debt and be forced to work for the sapphire queen.

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