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Nightshine's Circus of Indulgences

  The lovely Londa walked into the tent of Nightshine, Ringmaster of the Circus of Indulgences.   From somewhere within the many shelves and cupboards, she heard a heartbeat, a sound that echoed in her chest.   It was such a beautiful feeling to have even that faint echo of a heartbeat in her chest again she almost cried. Almost.
Her emotions were as locked away as her own heart.   The beaded curtain into the back of the tent jangled and Nightshine stepped out.   He was tall, a hand above six feet. His raven black hair of loosely curled locks was cut to just above the collar of his white silk shirt brocaded with diamond on gold thread.   Broad shoulders and that amused yet pleased look in his mahogany eyes that had once stirred her heart with love and desire now just made her long for the return of her heart.   "Yes, Londa?" Nightshine asked, raising an inquisitive brow. His mouth quirked into a knowing half smile at her as he waited for her answer.
"There is a young lady in the Tent of Caresses you might find interesting, Master Nightshine," she obediently reported. Again, she felt that faint urge to cry but there was not enough emotions left in her to inspire tears.   "Is there now," he said and his eyes took on a hungry gleam that, despite her loss of emotions, sent a shiver down her spine. "Why is she so ... interesting?"   "Her name is Shyri," Londa reported. "She has red hair and is quite spirited."   "Oh, she sounds like a lovely morsel," he said with a delighted laugh. "Well done. You may go now."   Londa left the tent and the heartbeat faded from her chest. Emptily, she returned to her work.

The Circus by Day

  Captured rare animals are spread throughout the circus grounds for the crowds to admire as they awaited the start of each of the two shows performed each day. There was a green tiger with yellow stripes, an all black winged horse trotting about a corral with a wire dome above it so he could not fly away. In another corral a baby stegosaur bawled at its captivity.   Carts for wonderous foods were scattered about as well. There was the cart where the vender used a foot pedal to spin his cotton candy maker and weave skeins of deliciousnes onto tubes of rolled paper. Another cart made buttered popcorn the vender scooped into paper bags. At yet another cart, a vender fried funnel cakes and sprinkles them with powdered sugar and serves them on a paper kerchief.   Jugglers wander the circus grounds as do clowns and stilt walkers. These performers herald the wonderous performaces that will be done beneath the big tent during the two daily shows.   The main events under the big tent are highwire acts, trapze artists, the wheel of death blade throwers, animal trainers and a host of other acts to amaze the crowd sitting on the bleachers.  

The Circus By Night

  It is at night that the "indulgences" of the circus really begin. Tents for all sorts of personal pleasure open for paying visiters.   There is the Tent of Caresses where a visiter can be massaged, inside and out. The Tent of Agonies provides a variety or torturous pleasure for those who delight in pain. Several smaller tents each promise a variety of sexual experiences.  

The Catch

  Those who indulge themselves at the nighttime tents, especially young women, maybe find themselves gettign very close and personal with Nightshine himself. If they they do, there is a very good chance they will fall in love with him. Those that do fall in love with him will have their hearts taken and placed in a magic jar hidden within his tent and then must obey him until he returns to them their hearts. He never willingly returns a heart. Ever.

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