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Drown sorrows, take hearts, spend money and live with excitement at the tip of the fingers. Ferwyn has it all for you...
Ferwyn is formerly a town governed by aristocrats that mismanaged its governing. Now it is essentially ruled by The Manir Syndicate that started their operations in town to transform it into their own town to rule. The main business practises is the way of pleasure; drugs, sex, alcohol and much, much more is allowed in town as long as one pays for what they want. The Manirs have close to full control over the town ever since they gained the rights of rule and has from the town spread their influence across the Dark Dumberyll region.

Industry & Trade

As one would expect from a town known for the "pleasures of life", the main industry is entertainment and the refining of it. There is a large hospitality district that is close to everything. From the exotic spas close to the riverbed and the retreats of peaceful rest to the inner centre where parties of drug-filled air and lewdness go about in the late middays and evenings. The refining of drugs, which is amongst the more demanding workplaces, is also large for it creates both the leisure drugs that the town uses but also medicinal that is sent upriver and to other locations around Nekuram. Oddly enough, food production exists in a great quantity outside the walls on large managed fields that are co-owned by farmers and The Manirs. They grow various vegetables, kinds of wheat and plants for drug production.


When The Manir Syndicate started out the town was at its lowest point. The streets were cobblestone paths that had not been worked on for centuries, the water was filled with sickness and was used as a location to dump all sorts of waste. The local watermills that had once powered the smiths and grindstones for bakers were mostly rooted and forgotten. The aristocratic powers that ruled at the time found their wealth elsewhere in their region and the town, which once had a large fishing industry that had moved, was left behind. This had gone even to the point of the bailiff was seated in another town much further away.
The Manirs did a complete overhaul when they finally reach enough influence to change the town. Under the guise of creating a better town. The town was fully renovated with an intricate sewer system to the likes of Glarn, reorganised districts and rebranded the town completely from its former self. The production of food and drugs became the main focus immediately as did the organisation of concentrated trade relations on gathering ingredients for such and to create a new image of exotic pleasures.
In the end, the town was as new, with fine bricked streets, stone and wood houses well renovated for every family that worked for The Manirs and most importantly: The town was rebranded into the pleasure center of Nekuram.
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1000s V.D
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I like to see how the Manir family was able to take advantage of a downtrodden town and turn it into a thriving settlement where they control all the flow money.

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We will see what will come for the settlement. As of now, this article will probably be sent to the "backstage". As for the Manirs' takeover, I see it as them just pushing in money and when they saw it turn around, they began to take money back. We will see how it develops from there... I don't know quite enough about the settlement yet and its surroundings to fullly explain the process yet.

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