HuWin is one of the oldest cities in Hutor, set right in the center of the Kngomawth cliffs along the waterline. For as long as it has been standing, HuWin has lived up to Hutors standards as the crime, pleasure, and generally overall shady capital of the world.  

Humble Origins

The first people to settle here were actually shipwrecked pirates hiding from the Rundune Royal Navy. They found themselves on a small beach surrounded by sheer drops on all sides but the front and a thick corral reef that ran them aground in front of them. Feeling generally protected, the crew set up camp to wait out the navy.   3 days later, the royal ships receded, calling off the chase. It was then that the crew realized there was no way to climb those cliffs, and swimming was not an option in these waters due to the sheer amount of hungry sea creatures looking for their next snack (It's called the siren seas for a reason, not just the alliteration). With a lack of options, the crew settles down for the long haul, making a more permanent camp than before.   Rescue came a couple of months later and the crew left, leaving their now decently sized camp behind for others to hide out in.  

A Common Occurance

As it turned out, getting shipwrecked there was a more common occurrence than thought. Over time, the little camp grew into a village. Some people started living there full time, finding the quiet atmosphere and lack of government nice. Soon enough, more people came to live here along the cliffs, slowly figuring out ways to build homes into the cliff face, either through magic, carving, or a series of poles and stacking of buildings.   Eventually, when Hutor was officially declared their own country despite what everyone else said, The people made HuWin the capital due to it having the largest population.  

A Thieves Safehaven

Like the rest of the nation, HuWin is comprised of mainly thieves and criminals with the occasional runaway to even everything out. Here all people are allowed to do as they wish with no fear of judicial repercussions. All sorts of people come here to hide from the law after a huge theft, to find fences and traders to sell their stolen goods, or to just have a good time on their own for a bit. This includes the drug trade, Slave trade, art trade, and practically any other trade you can possibly think of.   HuWin, specifically, is the center of criminal oceanic trade due to its location. It's almost a given that if it came in from the islands, especially from The Triad, it touched HuWin soil first.
Founding Date
About 5,450,000
Inhabitant Demonym
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Most of the buildings are built from either something akin to driftwood or carved into the cliff face. Some are even an interesting mix of the two. All the buildings are a standard square-like shape and typically aren't built very well. Any additions are rickety and visually unappealing unless the rare architect or interior designer wannabe gets their hands on a section of buildings.   Huwin is actually built more vertically than horizontally, with a series of wooden paths, carved tunnels, and various elevators to help people get from top to bottom. Unlike in Malgorn, there is no stigma of status depending on where you live, nor are buildings built direct on top of others. Instead, it has a little bit more of a slope to it, just not much.


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