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Fay's Pleasure Barge

Food is the main course Food! Pun intended.   Everything else is the amazing side dishes.     Food, bakeries, pastries are the center attraction     parties, dance, plays, poetry, art, sculptures, singing, tattoos, jewelry, trinkets, paintings.   Poetry and songs depicting great adventures on other worlds and the realms beyond.   Sculptures and paintings representing angels and demons and much more.   Gems, jewels and jewelry including pearls from the Coral Palace, Fire Opals from the City of Brass, steel ingots from the mountains of heaven.     The Blind Eye   The arrival and departure seem to blessed by the Lady of Fate, as no one has ever witnessed its coming or going. Upon arrival the ramp is lowered opening the barge for the business of pleasure all day, all night and for 7 days.   Sages theorize that this small floating village is actually her personal demi-plane.     A Week of Pleasure     Unplanned Festival   The arrival of the pleasure barge initiates a week long festival as residents scramble to deal with increased traffic, the need of more products or to duct of of work closing their shop for the well needed vacation.   No violence No magic   Once banned by her word you are banned for life and may not cross the ramp or use any mortal means to enter again.       Menus   Celetial Juices   Alchemical Wines, Coffees and Teas   Steaming Ales brewed by the Azhar dwarves   Dohar melons from the fields of Elysium   Celestial Ice water from the waterfalls pf heaven   Ash chocolate from the pits of cryserus       Staff   Fay - Owner and Proprietor   Executive Chef   Baker and Pastry Chef   Matter D   Dozens of servers   Conductor - if you arrive and you are not on the ban you are allowed passage.     Hounds   Staff never leaves the barge not even to step beyond the ramp
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