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Fay is the owner and kindly grandmother overlord of the Fay's Pleasure Barge. It may sound like a weird description for her attached to an even stranger name, but believe it or not it works. Bellying her apparent age she moves with the grace of being healthy, hail and half her age. While appearing like the elderly grandmother, she has appeared as such for as long as anyone remembers.    



Sharp Edges

  Fay is an expert in culinary science, baking, cultural food from the many worlds including the realms beyond. She is also well versed in business, entertainment and fashion. She commands her team with a firm but iron fist, in the presentation of the Barge as the equal of most city markets with the variety of exotic an unique offerings turned up past ten. None dare face of an agitated or angry grandmother.    


  Many speculate about her origins being a True Fey, a unknown Celestial, the Vestige of a long forgotten god, a legendary Hag or even a sentient Demi-Plane. One theory is that Fay absorbs something from her guests, some spark from mortals that sustains her. Some think its emotions like pleasure or happiness, others believe its memories, while some whisper that she steals a small portion of your soul. Many agree regardless of what is taken that this fuels her immortality.    
Fay that looks surprisingly like a Black-Ruby Assassins garrote! Don't be silly this is for slicing Sulian Lime Cheesecake, brutish knives do not do it justice. Now be a dear and pass me that plate.
— Fay

Home Court

Fay has never been seen leaving the barge or be report to be anywhere else away from the barge. It is speculated that she may not even be able to leave the barge.
Current Location


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