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Swagscale Point

Swagscale Point, also known as the City of a Thousand Screams or Knife-in-Back Point, is an infamous port town located deep within the Screaming Mists in the Land of Teeth. Legends say it was founded by She Who Hunts the Seas herself, the infamous pirate-demigoddess who broke away from the Tribunal to live a life of larceny and violence. More practical historical archives suggest it was a town inhabited by the Skaashkth long before she used it as her secret base of operations, but her doing so did contribute massively to the original village’s expanse into one of the most populated cities in the Churning World.   Swagscale Point, as it is known among humans, is called that in reference to the raptor-men and the massive amount of precious metals that are said to be hidden in the vaults of the bustling city. It isn’t uncommon for especially successful Skaashkth pirate lords to wear gold and precious jewels over their scaled bodies as a display of wealth and personal combat prowess. A tradition that many suggest started with She Who Hunts the Sea who famously wore many a golden trinket to match her golden mask.   The original tribe who inhabited the region did so by way of floating rafts tied together and bound to various trees around the lake to keep it steady and finally grounded with artificially made islands out of reed mats, sticks, mud, and dead vegetation. When She Who Hunts the Sea arrived and taught them to build their first true ships the Skaashkth began adding more complex boats and ships to their floating city that steadily formed larger and larger buildings until the now sprawling city expanded far further outward, even eventually having its own port along the deeper edge of the river that allowed access to the seas.   Today Swagscale Point is inhabited by more than just the Skaashkth however. Many humans, Griggles, Vissari, and even Ironfolk are known to make their home in Swagscale Point either as traders or sailors for the various pirate fleets that operate out of the area. While most of the jobs happen on the water Swagscale does enjoy a surprisingly wealthy upper class formed of merchants, retired pirate lords, brothel owners, and other business owners. All of whom are generally looked down on in much of the rest of the world for their associations with the criminal element from which most of the city’s wealth comes.   One of the largest and oldest buildings in Swagscale Point is known as the House of Screams. A brothel of high notoriety for its incredible diversity in working men, women, and other. It is named for the constant cries of pleased customers as well as a play on its location; the very heart of the Screaming Mists. A place so incredibly dangerous that for much of the Churning World’s history no sane being would willingly venture into it.   It is rumored that the vast treasure of She Who Hunts the Seas is located somewhere near Swagscale Point due to her having used it as a base. Legends say it was the largest trove of wealth and precious metals in the entirety of the Churning World. Many, especially Ironfolk, have spent lifetimes searching for their ancient treasure, yet none have ever found it. For leaving the relative safety of Swagscale Point, such that it is, can often end up as an endeavor in Suicide. The further one gets from the screams of celebrating pirates and drunk louts the further into the mists they wander, and soon the only cries they’ll hear could end up being their own.
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