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The Pantile

The Pantile is a small town located on top of Mount Endless in the Macaranga state. It was established not too long after the Proclamation of the Glowing Lands. The idea came from an inspired businessman who had travelled further up north for another project. Inspired by the cool mountain air of the northern city, he had petitioned the fledgling government of the day to build the Pantile, reasoning that an entertainment and resort town closer to the Drum Valley would have both excellent business potential while serving the needs of the masses for a short vacation.   


Within a few months, a small settlement was carved out atop Mount Endless, with a sturdy road following not long after. During the building process, the businessman sketched out extensive plans for the town, including not just several high class hotels and a theme park, but also a decently-sized amphitheatre for future concerts and a sizeable and obvious red light district. This particular red light district housed not only several casinos but also pleasure and wine houses. Someone floated the idea of introducing opium which was considered to be a decent income earner but that person was shortly found floating down the river of the Macaranga river that gave the state its name. The businessman, it was said, hated the drug due to its devastating effects on his family.   The first hotel was opened approximately one and a half years after the settlement had been carved out. This hotel was accompanied by a small theme park on which there were two roller coasters and a simple water ride around the park. The hotel was also home to at least two high class and prestigious local brands from the capital city, which added to the charm. While most of the pleasure and red light district was still under construction, the casino was already up and running, attached to the luxury hotel by a covered walkway.  

Current status

Over the next forty years, more parts of the town would come to be developed. The main part of the town itself has been designed to be uniquely walkable, with almost all the most important parts from the many delicious restaurants to the hotels, pleasure houses, casinos and even the two attached shopping malls all connected through covered and pleasant walkways. Even parts of the theme park is indoors, meaning a family driving up from the city can park the car and spend an entire day adventuring throughout the Pantile without ever needing their car again until it was time to leave.   In most parts of the town, motorised vehicles are explicitly banned. This helps keep the air cool and comfortable for most people. Even motorised scooters that run on electric are banned except for enforcement personnel and select elderly members. Self-expression is also encouraged here, which results in a vibrant kaleidoscope of colourful costumes and getups. This is deliberate, as it allows non-human creatures the ability to mingle in with mortals and humans without calling attention to their differences.  

Red light district

The Pantile, as far as the Glowing Lands goes, is the only town that has an official red light district. The majority religion of the Glowing Lands actually frowns upon the creation of such areas, but the business family of the Pantile managed to pull some strings to create the red light district. It houses two pleasure houses, three casinos and five wine houses which serve high quality alcohol and hosts some very high class parties. This area is also the "safe zone" for most magical creatures, as they are protected and can work and live in the area with little harassment.

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