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Huan Shu

Nothing ever good happens in Huan Shu - common proverb.
  Huan Shu is a place of many things none of which are good as it is pretty much on an island filled with drug addicts and hedonists that do nothing productive for society what so ever.


The town is controlled by the Purple Lotus, a criminal group that rules with force and follows the leadership of a crime lord that sees everything runs smoothly in the town with enforcers that patrol the streets.

Industry & Trade

Gambling: It is easy for one to risk their money to earn more at gambling. Though they will often lose it all sooner or later they keep risking it all.   Drugs: The effects of drugs will often keep people coming, especially those who are addicted to them and become a slave to it.   Brothels: The pleasures of the flesh will always have men who wish to satisfy their lust.


The town itself has been designed to look like a luxury with every building made with extravagance to attract attention.


A House on an Island

  It all started with a man who was shipped wreaked on an island all by himself, his name was Den Obeki and he would find a way of escaping as he did not know where he was at the time. But he knew he would survive as there was much food and water for him to live on. So he created a house for himself to no longer have to live in a cave and was content in his isolation. Of course, he was bored as there was nothing really to do on the island so he did many things, but his favorite was gardening as he became very good at caring for the plants that grew and began to study many of the unique fauna in the area and experimented to see what properties they had. It was not until he came across a beautiful purple flower that his life would never be the same. For the flower held a strong property in making anyone feels pleasant and at peace just by smelling is which he would call the Harmony Flower. He soon found a way to magic into a substance he could smoke and was lost in a haze for daze only to find that he has made a large fire by setting his house on fire with all he had owned. But from his loss, he was saved for a ship that had seen the fire and went to investigate freeing him from years of isolation. When he finally returned to the mainland he told of his tale and the things he had discovered too many. It when he was meet by a wealthy man named Ju Len Fe that offered him great wealth to show him where the island was. Considering he had very little money he agreed to the terms and lead him to the island and from here Fe revealed to him planned to build a town on the island and due to his knowledge would be in charge of producing more of the flower that gave him him him his peace. He deeply wanted to return to the island since he left it and could not get it out of his head. He agreed and for the rest of his life he would live a life of wealth and bliss as a town slowly began to grow on the island which would be called Gulan, the "Island of Pleasure" where many more would come to enjoy the pleasures that the island would have for them.  

Town of Many Pleasures

  Once enough people came to the island it became much easier to find and many of its buildings were build to bring pleasure to anyone who sought it. It also became a haven to the law as well as the island was claimed by no one so none could say what they were doing was illegal. It became of place where anyone ones deepest desires could be filled to their heart's content as long as they have the coin that is. Though only the only ones anyone ever knows about the brothels and the drug dens in the town, along with gambling as well. When in fact there are desires kept hidden for various reasons and only revealed when their customers desire them.


People from all across the isles to indulge in the debauchery that can be found here, from an wealthy noble to a lowly criminal. Often enjoying the many drugs and sexual pleasures that the town has to offer. Often visiting drug dens and brothels and gambling halls to throw their money way to enjoy the pleasures of the island.

Natural Resources

The Harmony Flower a plant known for being a strong narcotic grows here where is harvested to make the drug known a Heaven's Bliss.
Founding Date
102 CA
Alternative Name(s)
town of many pleasures
Inhabitant Demonym

Wicked Elements

  As one might guess a settlement filled with wicked things is bound to be controlled by wicked individuals. The criminal elements are the true rulers of the town as they care little for law and order but their own. Of course, there is only one group that rules over the town and they are known as the Purple Lotus. It is their rule that keeps the town properly working and no trouble is found on it as it tends to scare away customers. All must follow their rules to enjoy their stay on the island and not lose piece of themselves when they leave. But those who get in enough trouble will tend to never leave the island at all and are never seen again due to their infractions.  

Mind’s Corruption

  Haun Shu being a place of pleasures and sin will often effect those who reside in this place as well. Even the noblest of minds may fall to the corruptions that it holds and have a strong hold on them. Leading to some to stay here for months at a time as they have forgotten how much time has passed. Along with the addictions of drugs that take during there stay leaving their mind clouded and only desiring satisfying the urges of taking said drugs. This will often lead them to spend great amounts of wealth to satisfy themselves and some will end up penny less by the time they leave this place if they leave at all.  

Criminal Haven

  You might be wondering why Huan Shu even exists as it is quite obvious that no government would tolerate such a place due to it being a distributor of drugs to other region in the isles and other criminal activities. Well there’s a problem with the location of the island that it is located in an isolated region that no one what’s to bother claiming as it is of no strategic value whats so ever. It is the reason why it has been allowed to exist so long. There is also the reason of that even if anyone conquered the island it would be considered an act of aggression and possibly lead to war and no one really wants to go to war over a floating rock in the middle of nowhere.

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Brothels: The pleasures of the flesh will always bring theses with money to satisfy their lust.

It all started with a single man who was shipped wreaked on an island

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