Where the stalagmites grow and the magic moss glow; welcome to the Town of Belacoushe. As a part of the Dark Elves territory Underground, Belacoushe is the town that ranges from colourful to shady. Having listened too long to the rumours around Turien that said Dark Elves are a criminal bunch of Elves that only exist to find comfort in depravity, they created a town to satisfy these rumours.   Sex services, sellers of banned subtances and addictive food flavours from other realms line the streets. Red lights of various shapes signify the difference between brothels, theatre houses and adult shops. Blue fabric signifies the various sellers of banned substances. Colourful children's cartoons decorate the places that offer food from other realms, taping into the nostalgia of fleeting excitement - these are safe for children with the largest places offering babysittering services to allow the children's parents to complete their Belacoushe experience without worry. Sigils and tokens in corners denote the syndicate, organisation or brokers contactable within these spaces.   Anything that has to do with Magic Moss will come through here. Anything. This includes all legal and illegal dealings. There are many illegalities that go through the Town of Belacoushe. Shady deals, essential slavery, criminal headquarters, and an imposium of ideas.   Beneath the colours that do little more than a cheap facade of the dark depths that are explored in Belacoushe, lies an even deeper, darker secret: a knowledge base¬†of all activities, magic or otherwise, since the separation of Dwarves from Humans (and even some things from before then). A dimensional (realmic) magical seal prevents even a Forbidding of magic to rid the knowledge from within. The truth about The Code lays here. However, one may only access it behind the seal, once out of the seal, Forbidding does its work again and the knowledge is non-existant or forgotten. Perhaps a being or two could work out the understandings between realms and work out a way to live in dual realms, thus bringing these knowledges into existance, if only by indirect action?

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