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The Code

From the early centuries of Turien, Humans were regarded as the lowest of the six races. Even before the First Magic War, Humans noticed this prejudice and started to respond ... amongst themselves. If they acted against the five magical races, Humans could easily be wiped out.   So, Humans turned insular, devising their own exclusive club and created a new, written language with which to exclude all others. Not all Humans were aware of this Human exclusivity as they specifically lived under the rule, or friendship, of one race or another. This was at the time where Humans were scattered throughout Turien, living with other races.   After the First Magic War, the Council of Turien moved to permanent residence and The Elevator was created. With the usage of the Human's written language to communicate, many Humans came to build a city around The Elevator thus Mid-City was born as the first Human city.   For many years, the Human's attempts at excluding the other races posed no threat. It has been stipulated that the branching of Dwarves was orchestrated by these exclusivity Humans, but whether it was for them, or getting away from them has been lost in history. During the Second Magic War (and the preceding friction) a few groups of Humans were employed by some of the warring factions to use the exclusive language. Other groups of Humans (not in the exclusive groups) were employed by the other warring factions to decode the language. This was the only warring period that Humans played a large role and caused the most destruction to the land and the peoples of Turien.     Sometime in the 4500 years between the Second and Third Magic Wars, the Human's exclusive language was stopped in its use, Forbidden by the Council. Not many have questioned how a simple communication tool written and used by a non-magical race could be wiped from future existence. Anyone who has asked stopped asking quickly.   This language is now known simply as The Code.


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