Eirdlouð District

The Eirdlouð District, so named after the World Runes of Earth, Eird, and Fire, Ouð. It is a popular entertainment district in Gelethis and is one of the few reasons outsiders are willing to brave the Exarchy's strict laws and stringent entry requirements.   It is known to be a den of illicit and hedonistic pursuits. Though it isn't strictly condoned by the Đugrykkölla, many of the brothels and pleasure houses in the district are owned by the Church and provide a sizable chunk of income. As a result, the district is largely left alone unless someone makes a big enough commotion the Church is forced to take action. This is a rare occurrence as the inhabitants of the district self-police and actively—sometimes violently—discourage troublemakers.   Though the Exarchy would never officially admit as much, the Eirdlouð District is an important cornerstone of the Gelethian economy. As it is one of the few places in the city where foreigners can roam freely and spend as much as they like, the district receives a steady flow of foreign cash that eventually makes its way into the Exarchy's coffers, from where it can be put toward projects and tasks vital for the survival and prosperity of Gelethis.   Though Church hardliners see the district as a blight on the image of Gelethis, the Exarchy and the larger part of the Church simply find the continued operation of the district as far too lucrative to abandon over offended sensibilities.


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