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The Lucky Coin

A settlement known as a pleasure town or for louche behaviour  
-Dimi & Janet
  The Lucky Coin is a Casino Resort located in Macau, China.


People from all over the world flock to The Lucky Coin to work and play.   There are many oportunities for employment at the casino and its surrounding resort attractions, each of which offer competitive compensation due to the high revenue the establishment accrues.   Gamblers also frequent the location because of the hefty payouts its machines are known to unload.   Others visit for the shows, concerts, hotels, and restaurants.   Several enjoy the thrill of escape into a land for a few nights to let loose and be free of moral concience and social norms.


Macau, China is home to over forty casinos. This is because gambling is deemed illegal in all other parts of China, but Macau has been declared a special district with looser laws. As a result, many highly concealed illegal dealings occur underground. If and when schemes are uncovered, many are let off the hook due to loopholes.


The Lucky Coin is a two hundred fifty acre district full of several restaurants, attractions, and, most notably, casinos. Millions of employees are paid to cook, clean, serve, escort, and provide guests with a good time, ensuring their visit is one they won't soon forget. Their aim is to make sure that visitors return and feel good about spending their money at the establishment.   The Lucky Coin works hard to stand out from the crowd of Macau casino resorts, offering above par services, elaborate experiences, delicious dining, and an array of unique attractions all over their venue. Day and night, the activities never seem to cease.


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