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A settlement in the eastern mountains of Zhongguo that is renowned as the "City of Lovers". To those that know it, it's a retreat for anyone who wants to get away from the rest of the world. To those that don't, it's a strange faraway world that others say they're going to and disappear into for months at a time, or even forever. A lot of people seem to think that Yulao is some sort of carnal city. Like a red light district that requires it's own city planner. That's simply not the case.   Entry to the city requires two people to enter as a pair (who will be housed together upon acceptance of entry), proof of credit, and a genetic sample for the cities security forces. Oh, and the approval of the cities proprietor. She monitors every single person admitted to the city, and isn't afraid to turn people way without another word.   Once in, stories tell of immaculately clean streets and buildings, public parks, amenities like running water and electricity, soft street lights, and an incredibly competent internal security force. Prices are reasonable, product quality is good, and the jobs aren't dangerous or degrading.   There's got to be some sort of catch, right?   Unfortunately, the only person who can answer a question like that is not talking to anyone about it. In fact, she can be incredibly hard to find.   Lady Yu is the mysterious proprietress of th city, though she is rarely seen. More often simply heard through her orders and decrees. If one simply must┬ásee the Lady of Yulao, the most reliable way to do so is to attend the cities regular high society parties. You'll have to get lucky, and just happen to attend one she also attends, as her tastes can change on a whim =

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