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Tempest Court

The Las Vegas of the Republic of Free Trade.

The tempest court was founded and is run mostly by the Vivikanese Guild in an impressive effort to relieve the rich aristocracy of the The Republic of Free Trade of their wealth. This city of pleasure, gambling and no concequences in extremely har to reach, as it is located in the storming planes, the north-eastern magical storm of the republic. To enter and leave said tempest without a Cerulean Thunderstones is pretty much suicide, so it is important that the guild is expecting the visitors. The visitors are generally picked up by a heavily branded, magical boat in Dir'raiten and then brought to the city gates. The city itself it covered in a massive tunderstone dome, the core stone of which had been stolen from Dir'raiten in a heist of legendary proportions. Because of the magical storm on the outside of the dome, the shifting colours and effects create a spectacle similar to a massive and constant aurora borealis.   The buildings of the city count amongst the most modern and spectacular of the new age. There are tall windows and even larger towers covered in luxurious fabrics and near gaudy statues.   Offering overpriced food and games, this is a playground built to indulge the richest of the rich. There are taverns with mugs of gold serving the finest liquors from exotic places. Attendants, dancers and performers of all kinds vie for attention and tips. Gambling is not only common here, but very clearly encouraged - with betting tables set up and a variety of card games, dice games and even physical challenges to compete in.
Founding Date
around 900 CY
Characters in Location


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