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Sarzarac Caztar

Lord of the Storming Planes - used mockingly -

born as Vind'lar Thyben.

Physical Description

Body Features

Sarzarac is a grey tiefling of average size. He has sleek black hair that nearly reaches his hips, which he mostly wears open, but will braid it for tinkering and put it in a bun for fighting. His eyes are pure yellow, no iris or pupil, and two dark horns adorned with golden jewelry jut from his forehead. Most of the time, they have thick black eyebrows and a short goatee, but with their unsafe creative practices (and being unafraid of fire thanks to their tiefling form) they have a tendency to singe both features off every once in a while. Not seeing much physical activity, and being mostly surrounded by high-quality food, his body has is soft curves, which he adornes with black satins and flowy golden sheen. His tail, gray like his skin, is longer than his legs, dragging on the floor when he is relaxed, but thev have a tendency to flick the spade-tip around whenever he gets excited. This is both a work hazard and dangerous in crowds, which is why they have trained themself to keep it wrapped around their right leg as much as possible.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born in Dir'raiten, Sarzarac was a first generation tiefling and as such a closely guarded secret of his halfelven parents. Spending most of his childhood locked in the fancy rooms of the upperclass household, they were offerd mostly disdain by everyone around him. Escaping his "prison" during his teenage years, he snuck onto the boat to the Tempest Court, which would take him to Paradise according to his parents. When he was discovered in the city, he claimed to be an orphan and was taken in by one of the local performers. Using his arcane knowledge and tinkering skills from years of being bored and having access to any materials and a decent library, he started to make a name for by selling a few inventions in a little shop. After being recruited by the Vivikanese Guild he started to create more useful gadgets, making him fairly rich fairly quick. He went on to travel a bit, to improve his understanding of the job and joining the Crafters of Filomen, which much improved his business contacts. Missing the colourful skies of the tempest court, he returned home, only to find it mostly desolate. The ruling trio had been assasinated, and without them the organization was unstable. Unhappy to lose his chosen home, Sarzarac used his money and charm to gain influcence of the town, which was looking for guidance anyway. Reestablishing and reorganizing the society, they quickly made a name for themself and much of the tempest court's current success is attributed to him. While he doesn't actually run the administration of the town, he signlehandedly picked most seats of power in the city, and people gladly heed his calls. As such, he still spends uch time improving his shop. In the process of setting up a second storefront in Dagenmaw, he flitters between the places through teleportation circles in his basement.   Having been alone for much of his early days, Sarzarac enjoys surrounding themself with other people. Outside of being known for his impressive craftsmanship, he has made himself a name as a relentless flirt, a hedonistic and indulgent lover and a public nemesis of monogamous relationships. Struggling with commitment issues he tends to stop anything that gets too serious fairly quickly.


Current Location
Full-blown yellow
Long, straight black hair nearly reaching his hips
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Ashen, dark grey
Ruled Locations


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