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Crafters of Filomen

The Crafters of Filomen are guild of skilled handypeople, who value the creation of utilities and art benefitting society. The origin of the guild is the capital of the Verithal Alliance, but nowadays most locations have representatives. In the larger cities, the guild usually owns entire buildings dedicated to the manufacture and trade of handmade goods. If constructed by the crafters, they usually make a show of it: Constructing elaborate designs and detailed decorations so that it dwarfs even places of worship and noble abodes.   For those crafters, which work in smaller villages (or those that want to keep their shop separate from the halls) a system if bronze badges is in place. This allows individuals to display an intricate and recognizable symbol of Filomen to in their shop. Considered a sign of high-quality work, the receival of this medal allows sellers to increase their prices by nearly x1.5.   The guild is known as one of the best connected networks of handimen and are very actively helping other members to grow. Even if it isn't necessary to pay the guild anything to be part of, it is considered common practice to offer around a twentieth of the income in solidarity, and the guild uses that money to purchase more buildings, pay administrators and strengthen the name. At the day of Season's Blessing, the guild usually offeres a large contribution to society.   Over the years, they have started to partner up with the Kindrian Merchants. Due to this, they rival and sometimes butt heads with the governmental trade association of the Republic of Free Trade     Many members of the guild worship Filomen - The Craftguide to a certain degree, though skill alone is enough to be allowed to join, and the religious connotation is secondary. If there is a more specialited major deity of the plane of the Iles of Exemplum, the members of the guild consider those their prime deity. For example those Crafters of Filomen that specialize in metalwork, such as armourers and weaponsmiths will more likely be followers of Jitan "The Forge Mistress" Goddess of Metalwork than Filomen themself.

Designers of society

Guild, Craftsmen
Alternative Names
The Filos


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