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Noa Remia


Noa Remia is a newly recognised quarter of the city of Remia in the state of Tebrina. It is the only part of the city that is east of the Paunis River, which plays a role as a natural border between the Tarrabaenians and the Madini, but also the Petty Kingdoms to the north. Some buildings, which are now part of Noa Remia have been built beyond the river years ago already, for example some poor Men's huts, a farmstead or two and a small inn. Most of these were not permanent though.


With the bandit leader Ṁnoga having pulled of one of the biggest raids against a slave-trading caravan in the year 4520 of the Era of the Earth, which caused a lot of trouble not only for Tarrabaenian and Madini economy but also lead to a small slave uprising and a strengthening of local banditry, the state of Tebrina of the Confederation of Tarrabaenia and the Madini city-state Bamnara forged a treaty to make future trade more safe. The prejudices of Tarrabaenians against Madini and vice versa are quite strong, so people in Remia soon started getting nervous about the prospect of having too many armed Madini be in their town, suspecting them of espionage or all kinds of petty crimes. So the Remians took to action, building an inn beyond the river to keep the Madini mostly out of town.


Within only four years after the treaty was forged, building activity has considerably grown. Some of the people who lived there in huts started small businesses, mainly small food stalls, where they sell grilled or fried fish, crustaceans or herbs from the Paunis River and its bank. The influx of money from the escorts pay encouraged some poorer Remians or Madini or people from the north to move there, so that now there is a population of around seventy permanent residents, most of which are not Tarrabaenian citizens or have any recognition by the Confederation's, the state's or the city's government. Simple housing accommodates the residents, while many different businesses like inns, diners, a bunkhouse, speakeasies and even a brothel. The original Remians are quite content that the river seperates them from that quarter, but they accept it since it keeps the Madini mostly out of town. On the other hand it is no secret, that the Remians themselves do not shy away from using the bridge over the Paunis River to get a bit of distraction every now and then.


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