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General introduction

Men are one of the four groups of Ta and thus possess the 'Gift of Reason'. Like the Len they belong to the two younger classes of Ta, who were created during the Era of the residency of the Divines. They are widespread across northern Samthô and live on almost every continent except Ayemniyama and Murahisi.
Although men are not an old species, they have diversified a lot and come in different cultures, form different language families and display a wide variety of physical traits, partly depending on where they live, partly on which gods they worship or which gods they pleased or angered at some point in history.
Men live in all kinds of societies, some nomadic, some sedentary. Notable cultures are the Confederation of Tarrabaenia in eastern Erana, the kingdom of Daan on the continent of Sheshane or the Elacholo from the continent of Auchulpa. Men are interacting with the other races in different ways. The Confederation of Tarrabaenia is constantly at war with the Mdûlûn to the south but has a neutral relationship with the Orohlen to the north. The Elacholo on the other hand have established a trade network with the Mdûlûn settling on the nearby islands.


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