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Selia's Lagoon

"You're paying me to go to Selia's Lagoon? That's funny, a trip there usually ends with me losing all my hex, not making more."
-an Avadian captain accepting a contract
  Selia's Lagoon is a settlement constructed on a lagoon on Isla Pasilda, the northeastern-most island of the Beyan Archipelago. It is dedicated to and takes its name from Selia, the Avadian goddess of love, beauty and eroticism, and has a reputation as being a settlement dedicated to hedonism, companionship and pleasure.   The settlement is divided into two main sections; a portion built on the beachfront and surrounding land, and the lagoon itself. The lagoon section has been carefully constructed over time to maintain the idyllic crystal blue waters of the lagoon and white sands of the beach as much as possible while accommodating the construction of buildings out onto the water itself. Many of the more prominent buildings are made of white-washed limestone raised above the waters and connected by wooden causeways and bridges, while others are simple wood constructions. Purple-leaved flowering trees hang over the areas of the settlement on land, scattering their leaves and making much of the area appear to be carpeted in purple.   The settlement is home to Selia's Faithful, an organisation of sacred courtesans who first established the settlement, and is a frequent stop for sailors and merchants arriving and departing the Archipelago.


Officially, Selia's Lagoon is a settlement of the Avadian Sovereignty, falling under the purview of the nearby town of Valetin and making it subject to both the Avadian Admiralty and the Avadian Assembly. In practice, the settlement is left to its own devices, and Selia's Faithful effectively govern the town while co-operating with the Admiralty when necessary. One of the more prominent of the Faithful usually takes up a role of leader of the settlement; in the present day, Danaë of Selia has taken up this role.


Due to its relative proximity to the town of Valetin, there is a guard garrison within close range, and Admiralty biremes regularly patrol the waters offshore. The Faithful have also contracted mercenaries as security for the settlement itself.

Industry & Trade

The primary trade in Selia's Lagoon is the sex industry, stemming from its origins as a settlement dedicated to the goddess of love. These services are provided by Selia's Faithful, a group of sacred courtesans of a variety of genders and sexual preferences who offer their services as a form of worship to Selia herself. While sex is a large part of what they offer, it is not their only service, with the average Faithful being highly educated and skilled in all manners of conversation, along with skills such as art, song and dance. Many of the Faithful are sought for their company or even advice as well as the more physical services they can provide. Indeed, some do not even offer sexual services, although many do.    While the Faithful are not the only providers in the settlement, they are by far the most numerous and they effectively operate the town, and it is understood any other business in town must follow their rules. Disrespect or abuse of courtesans, or any business who permits such behaviour, is strictly prohibited and punished severely.    Given the town's popularity with travelers and those seeking to indulge, gambling has also become somewhat prevalent in the town, although this practice is regulated by the Faithful to ensure if does not bring in an undesirable influence. To support the main trades on the island, a number of merchants providing various goods and services have set up shop, catering both to the Faithful and to visitors.


Selia's Lagoon is extremely popular with Avadian ship crews, many of whom who have been at sea for a long time (or are about to be at sea for a long time) and seek companionship. In addition, merchants and the wealthy often visit the Lagoon as clients of the Faithful, along with people who are simply too busy or too awkward to find companionship the usual way. There is no real restriction on gender identity or sexual orientation; men, women and nonbinary all visit and are catered to, as are all sexual preferences.   In addition to Avadians the lagoon also draws in a sizable population of Elementalism followers; particularly followers of the fire god Balaros, who shares certain aspects with Selia, such as passion and emotion. While the Arikandan Templars have publicly distanced themselves from such places, it has proven popular with the more liberal Calinan Elementalists, including even a few Firedancers. This kind of 'comparative theology' is encouraged by the Faithful.
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