Avadian Admiralty

The Avadian Admiralty is the organisation responsible for governing the Avadian Sovereignty in accordance with the will of the Assembly. It is a bureaucracy composed of magistrates, civil servants and law enforcement.


The Admiralty is an extensive bureaucracy spanning multiple cities across the Calinan Sea and into Southwestern Arikanda, so it is quite labyrinthine. To simplify its operations, it is divided into a group of departments which handle various aspects of the Sovereignty's operations. The most prominent are as follows;  
  • Civil Service handles the administration of the Avadian home islands, including city planning, civic works and roads.
  • Trade Administration handles the treasuries of the Sovereignty and also regulates trade and goods across the Sovereignty, as well as diplomatic operations with the rest of Arikanda.
  • Naval Command, as the name suggests, commands the state-operated naval vessels and conducts naval warfare and peacekeeping operations. It is led by the Fleet Commander. The Marines also fall under Naval Command's purview.
  • The Council of Peace is the law enforcement and judiciary of the Sovereignty. They share oversight of the Colonial Guard with Colonial Affairs.
  • Colonial Affairs handles the administration of Avadian colonies and outposts. It is led by the Viceroys of each colony, who represent their interests in the Assembly and implements measures passed by the Assembly.
Most of these departments have senior magistrates who develop policy in accordance with the Assembly, and junior magistrates who implement policy. In the case of the Council of Peace and Naval Command, sailors and soldiers also serve as part of the Admiralty.

Public Agenda

The official agenda of the Admiralty is to ensure the day to day operation of the Sovereignty government in accordance with the will of the Assembly.


The Admiralty precedes the current structure of the Sovereignty, dating back to the days of the Avadian Sealords.
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